Chalkboard Painting Fine Motor Skills Activity

ChalkBoard Painting_Fine Motor Skills | Kingdom First Homeschool

Are you tired of the same ol’ techniques to teach your kids to write and build those important little muscles?  If so this fine motor skills activity is for you and for your little learners. 

This is definitely a fun way to write and build fine motor and hand eye coordination skills.

**All you need is a chalkboard, chalk, water in a cup and a paintbrush, oh and a cloth to wipe after each word is finished.

Chalkboard Painting

Either you or your child writes a letter, word, shape, number or even a squiggly line on the chalkboard {get creative here}.  Then comes the fun part- trace it with a paintbrush dipped in water…My girls LOVE this and could do it for a long, long time.  Have fun painting!!
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